Environmentally friendly quality solutions

Soft Diamond Oy uses an ISO 9000 compliant quality system audited by contract customers.

The goal of Soft Diamond is to deliver high quality products which fulfill customer needs and are long-lived. This goal is also the first priority in defining the objectives of the company's environmental program.

Durable products, high quality materials and environmentally friendly processes are important aspects of the function of the company. The plastic materials we use offer enduring and thus also environmentally friendly solutions for the products our customers have ordered.

Soft Diamond Oy tries continuously to develop its products to increase their service life. The environmental effects of production is monitored and the use of environment straining raw materials and chemicals is minimized.

Soft Diamond Oy adheres to prevailing legislation and regulations in environmental management. The company aims to minimize energy consumption and the amount of waste produced by processes. Also the environmental aspects of raw material and accessories procurement is always individually strived for.